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    My first rabbit Coal , suddenly started eating less.. and then one day I had him out and I notice one ear was always being lifted forward. so I checked it out , inside was a white.. gooey almost waxy thing. way down deep in the ear . I left it alone at first but after a couple weeks his head started to tilt to one side , as the weeks went by the head started to tilt further and further down. he wasn’t eating and lost quite a bit of weight , after a couple months of his head tilted almost completely to one side he could no longer walk. instead of walking he would flip and flop all over the place. he had lost all sense of balance. suddenly, almost out of nowhere he started to get a bit better. head wasn’t tilted anymore, he was eating more and more every week. gained some weight back. but still had the white waxy stuff in his ear. eventually that went away. but then suddenly out of the blue one Thursday in January of this year he passed away .
    My youngest rabbit Bella – normally a shy, but sweet little bunny. lately has been becoming a snotty little brat that runs when I try to take her out of the hutch. I thought at first she was just taking cues from her "sister" who lives in a completely separate/ wired off section in the same hutch. but after Coal I would inspect her and her "sisters" ears from time to time and now she has the white waxy stuff in her ears too. with one exception now it’s yellow and crusty a bit on one side of the ear canal.
    Maple: the eldest of all my rabbits, recently turned 2 years old in July. just today ripped out so much of her own fur. almost like she was nesting for a litter of babies. HOWEVER I know for certain there is no way she can be pregnant. no access to a male rabbit , she also has the same white waxy/ yellow crust just like her "sister" Bella. she ripped her fur right down to the skin on both her right && left side by (what a human would consider) her elbows and arm pits.
    The picture is of Coal when his neck was tilted , I’ve called all of my local vets and all of them tell me they don’t treat rabbits , I don’t have any way of going out of town to see a rabbit vet and can’t find one , I’d like to know what I’m dealing with so I can try to treat it so please I’m hoping someone knows

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    It sounds like a pasteurella infection since all of your rabbits are exhibiting the same symptoms.
    Coal had it first. It raged through him unchecked and eventually killed him.
    It is contagious and can get on your clothes, etc. so in all probability you transmitted it to Maple and Bella yourself, particularly if you handled Coal and then poked around their ears looking for symptoms.
    Go out of town, as far as you have to, but you must find a vet who treats rabbits. They need antibiotics ASAP, particularly since they have clearly been incubating this disease for awhile.
    The clock is ticking on them so GO NOW.

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