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    Everytime I have chance to pick up my rabbit she always seems to figit abit because I think shes scared but after a long time from stroking her and calming her down she still seems to be scared??? Why isnt she used to someone stroking her when we see each other nearly every day?



    You fail to state how long you have owned this rabbit but if you have not been together long then the rabbit is still becoming accustomed to you.
    If you have had this thing for ages and it still seems uncomfortable with you then the answer might not be that the rabbit doesn’t recognize you so much as that it just doesn’t like to be handled that much.
    Some rabbits are ‘snugglebunnies’ and some would prefer to be left alone, so you may simply have chosen a rabbit who would prefer not to be handled.
    If you really want to handle the rabbit a lot try giving it a little morsel every time you pick it up so that it associates something good (a treat) with you picking it up.
    If you don’t want your rabbit to gorge on snacks so you can hold it, you could try giving it a popsicle stick every time you hold it.
    Rabbits love to chew so it won’t take long before the rabbit figures out that if you are holding it, it gets to gnaw itself to rapture.
    Of course you are stuck holding a rabbit that is busy gnawing its brains out but it probably won’t be as tense.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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