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    I just adopted two rabbits from a family who didn’t look after them and never got them out of the hutch. It has been over a month since I brought them home and I have picked them up and handled them every day but they still hate me. They nip and struggle when I hold them and always hide in a corner when I’m around. They are both females and also hump each other. I had them both spayed last week to see if this would eradicate the problem but they seem to be exactly the same. They still hump each other even after the spay and they still hate being touched and handled. Will they ever get used to me and start to like me and enjoy being handled? and will they stop humping?



    At this point, it is unlikely.
    You are doing everything right and have been for a prolonged period but nothing has changed.
    Their previous circumstances went on for too long and they are set in their ways.
    The lack of human interaction is now their preference so frankly at this point if I were you I’d let go of it and only handle them when absolutely necessary.
    Since they were in their hutch all the time with no one but each other I am guessing they humped each other out of boredom and now it is habitual despite being neutered so they are probably going to hump each other until one of them dies.
    So probably you are stuck with two nasty rabbits who hate you and want to hump each other all the time.
    That’s the chance you take when you are the recipient of re-homed critters unless they are babies.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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