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    What is the best way to tame and get to know your bunny



    lots of human contact and love. feed it parsley from your hand. my rabbit spends 8 hours a day under at least under my desk at my feet snuggling with me. it took a few months before it would let us really pet and love it, but now, it throws a fit when it’s locked in it’s hutch at night. it even plays with our dogs and cats now.
    ours likes to use the puppy pee pads to pee on, but we still have to police the carpet for rabbit "pellets" 🙂
    If we are to slow, our dogs police them for us, ugh!
    Just be prepared, if your bunny loves you, it will want attention far more than a cat or dog. They become extremely social if you spend the time and effort to socialize them.
    I good way to start is just to get a towel and lay the bunny on your lap or chest and gently pet it. don’t force the issue to much, and beware the claws, they are wickedly sharp!



    I like to play tag with my bunny… he likes to nudge you then run away so I quietly chase him and pat his nose and run behind a couch or something. Sometimes I give him a treat for finding me ^.^
    If I am reading I’ll sit on a cusion on the floor and he’ll run around madly then stop for rests beside me now and then.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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