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    I lost my baby on Jan3 2011-I cant go on,I cant move past this,Im lost without him and I cry everyday.I dont know how to accept that hes gone and not coming back….he used to wait for me by the door until I came home,and now I find myself waiting for him.My family says I havent been right since,I just dont know what to do.Im going to see a psychiatrist on friday-maybe he can give me some ideas but I think part of me died the day he went to sleep forever.I love and miss him so deeply…



    Some people never understand how it could hurt SO MUCH to lose a pet, and even I was unable to anticipate how much it would hurt to lose my little kitty a few years ago.
    I’m so sorry for your loss. This is the worst part about being a pet owner…the inevitable process of losing them. I know some people are averse to adding new pets to the family too soon after the death of a loved pet, but sometimes it’s the best way to ease your pain…giving that immense love to another little guy who needs it. So many shelter animals would be blessed to have a caring owner like you!!
    I’m not sure what the circumstances surrounding the death of your pet were, but I hope the pain passes soon. In my case, I felt so much guilt because my kitty became ill, and I felt I could have prevented it by not feeding the stray cats in my yard, and by keeping up on her vaccinations. Even though I was told the disease she had wouldn’t have been prevented by a vaccination.
    Get well soon <3 Your pet loved you so much and felt so much love from you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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