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    I ave a 2yr old Male Rotti named Tyson. A few wks ago I made the mistake of changing his food from a preamium food 2 a cheep food, He lost weight,the color of his coat faded and he didnt show any intrest in the cheeper food. I also noticed that he was mualting alot, He then formed a bols patch around the bottem eye lid of his left eye. At 1st the area of lost hair around the eye was quite pinky so i thought he’d been scratching at it. Having changed his food bk, hes now got bk his weight & is bk 2 his normal self but he doesnt seem 2 ave got the hair bk around the eye also it now looks like its spread a little 2 between his eyes.I also noticed on stroking him,alot of white hairs under his black coat. I spoke 2 a lady with a rottie who had the same prob. She said its comman & is because their eye lids sumtimes turn in. Could u pls pls help me 2 understand wot this cld b & wot causes it. Shld I take im staight 2 the vet?
    I look 4ward 2 hearing from u… Thanx! Tariq



    Yes! Vet! Now!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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