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    I cannot get my dog to come back inside in the morning after I let her out. I’ve tried everything but she just refuses to come.
    Luring in with treats then rewarding her with said treats and praise worked for a while but she caught on and can no longer be "tricked" to come inside. I’ve tried clackers, squeakers, her favorite toys, everything. Her brother comes in the first time we call him, but she just stands out in the yard and looks at us.
    I’ve resorted to going out with the leash having to walk(drag) her inside. She’s completely happy to come inside any other time but in the morning when we’re trying to leave for work.
    I don’t know what to do anymore, I feel the more I go out there with the leash the less she’s going to want to come inside.. and the leash is her favorite thing in the world any other time of the day.
    All the advice I’ve read says treats and praise… but what do you do when she learns that treats and praise mean she’s about to be alone for several hours and decides she’d rather be outside.

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    You said the key word. She won’t come in when you are trying to leave for work. You need to change your routine. Wake up a little earlier and let your dog out to potty and play then inside for breakfast and some pets and loves maybe playtime inside, then have your thing you take to work in a different spot and leave in a stightly differend way. Instead of keys in hand and pick up purse of briefcase, slip you keys in you pocket earlier in the morning put your stuff in the car before then go back inside and say your goodbyes . Just a slight change in routine (which I don’t know yours) that gives your dog some extra love time before you go will do the job. How about a walk instead of letting your dog outback? Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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