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    I’ve had two female gerbils for about a year and a half. Yesterday, one of them died. The other one just sleeps all day and seems depressed. I know she’s lonely. What should I do? Getting a new gerbil is out of the question and she has a tendency to bite sometimes.



    Handling the gerbil more often can help a lonely gerbil feel not as lonely.



    You can provide company without the biting & fighting by getting a larger cage or tank – 24 to 30 inches wide – & splitting the cage into 2 parts with a wire wall (see link).
    Set up duplicate gerbil worlds.
    Buy either 1 or a pair of new female gerbils. Put your gerbil in one part & the new female gerbil(s) in the other part.
    If you get a new pair of girls, there won’t be another lonesome gerbil later; get litter mates.
    They can look at each other thru the wire, nobody gets bitten, & nobody is entirely alone – even if your gerbil will be annoyed & irritated. But she won’t be lonely.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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