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    Recently adopted pitbull from shelter.. the dog is very obidient and calm and seems very comfortable in its new surroundings and never barks.. but has a fear of getting into an elevator.. treats and motivation does not work at all.. it is also scared of the stairs.. we dont want to pull him inside the elevator but he is eventually coaxed/pulled in.. The dog is 2 years old, we do not know its history other than it lived with 4 other pitbulls and the owner died & the dogs were brought to the shelter…. Any ideas how to fix this problem or what the cause might be?



    The elevator problem could be related to the fact that it’s a very small room that he can’t get out of, AND IT MOVES! This could make him very nervous. He may also never have experienced an elevator before.
    You could try taking him for regular elevator rides, as a form of desensitization: up 1 floor, wander down the hall, then down 1 floor & home…repeated awhile, then increasing it by a floor at a time.
    The stairs – have you had him checked for a balance or inner ear problem? He could also have fallen down, or been pushed down, some stairs before you had him. Actually, a lot of dogs really don’t like stairs – they can be hard to maneuver for them. Is he more upset at going up the steps or going down the steps? Or is there no difference?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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