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    Can someone please help me figure out why my dog just collapsed and died last night? Does any of your dog experienced the same terrible death? My dog was an apparently healthy and playful 9yo mixed rat terrier. We took him to the vet regularly for his heart worm pills and checkup. He seems to be ok until last night. I took him for a walk like any other nights and took him home. he acted excited as always when I walked him . But last night , after we got home, he was playing on my bed and all of the sudden he ran towards me and collapsed with a seasure like symptom. He started to urinate and became paralized. after I picked him up, he moaned one last time and died on my arm. I took him to the emergency room but it was too late. I am still puzzlely in shock of what happened…can any help me figure out what could have cause it? and what I could have done to save him? THank you in advance.



    Sudden death is hard to determine unless a necropsy is done by a vet. It could have been a cardiac problem. Though I have not confirmed that heart issues are a concern in the breed as a whole, this does not mean that an individual dog in the breed cannot have a heart issue. But without a necropsy report, determining final death is very difficult. I am sorry for your loss. It is always hard to lose a beloved pet.


    I feel for you. We had a case of sudden death several years ago, and the vet could not find the cause, but made an educated guess that it was a brain aneurism. The vet didn’t recommend going through the expense of an autopsy, she didn’t think it would help us. We have come to accept this, and believe the vet had her heart in the right place, although it would have given us closure to know the actual cause of his unexpected death.



    :'( I just wanted to share my story with you because I feel the same way you do. I keep searching for answers but can not find any valid reason why my Cocker Spaniel, Keats, was taken so suddenly. Here is my story. She just passed away 7/3/04. I hope it helps you to know you are not alone. She was only ten years old which seems like it was too soon. It was a shock because she had been acting like her usual self until Friday. She was acting a little lethargic but nothing that would have been a big red flag. I brought her to the vet on Saturday morning thinking she had a cold or something like that. We had spent a good portion of the day there because we couldn’t find anything wrong with her but knew that something was going on. After some blood work was done and we saw her white blood cell count was elevated we knew there was some type of infection. She was also a little dehydrated so the vet gave her a shot of antibiotic and some fluids. We left the vet shortly after 3:00pm and were planning to spend the rest of the weekend at home eating antibiotics and drinking Pedialite, but when I got about 15 minutes down the road she looked up at me, put her head back down and started twitching. I thought maybe she was having a reaction the medicine so I rushed to the emergency vet clinic, but she was already gone. I spent some time holding her little body and cut off some of her fur to save. She was cremated the next morning and I brought her ashes home. She was my daughter, my best friend, my comforter, and my confidant. I feel like I am crazy (or just in denial) because I am carrying around her ashes, talking to them like she is still here and even sleeping with the container (like she always did).



    hi my beautiful boy died aug.2 at 2:50 p.m. i call it sudden because it was so unexcpected but it actually took eleven heartbreaking hours. sunday i raced home from work to take him to my freinds pool(he had atrophied muscles do to arthritus) to work out his legs and because swimming had always been his favorite thing to do.after we lay on the porch to eat lots of snacks and read in the sun later we had a big dinner on the sofa and wathed a movie together we went to bed after some treats.everything was great how could he just die the vet even thought he had a couple more good years. at 3:30 he made his little whinning take me out sound so i got up and took him out he peed and i brought him back in and put him in his bed next to mine he kept whinning i didn’t know what he wanted his water was right there his food was there i pushed them both closer but he didn’t want either.i started to get a little frustrated and asked him what he wanted why he wouldn’t go back to sleep and told him to stop cause it was late finally i decided to see if he hadn’t finished and got up to take him out again as soon as i stood up he looked me in the eyes and started barking(i was scared he never did that) i started grabing clothes and trying to get dressed to take him out i thought maybe his stomach hurt from all of the food or maybe he pinched a nurve i didn’t know what was happening when i picked him up he peed all over my feet while i was trying to help him to the door his legs didn’t seem to be working at all(not like they had been normally with difficulty they were not working at all) i picked him up and got outside when i tried to set him down to go with my hands supporting him the way i always had to lately his head just hung and i couldn’t get him to support any of his own weight his tail was curved i thought he just desperatly needed to go and he couldn’t i thought his stomach was in so much pain that he was just shutting everything else down. i brought him in and lay him down on my bed i knew somthing horrible was happening to him because he fell over on to his side(he hated being on his side) his eyes wide open and panting his stomach felt hard as a rock i was petting him and asking him what was wrong when he started to pee again i knew he was dying i called the vet but noone could see him until 8 and the emergency clinic was 45min away and i know personally of way to many horrible mistakes that they have made besides i was sure he was dying and i didn’t want him to suffer in the back of a dark car just to have strangers put him to sleep he had always been afraid of the vet until we started going to his last one. i lay down with him and held him begging him not to leave me and telling him i couldn’t live without him that he was the love of my life at 7:15 we raced to the vet i was so scared he would die on the way the techs were kind enough to let us in early and we started him on fluids checked his vitals slight temp still glazed over and pannting when the doctor got there she took xrays to check for bloat his stomach looked fine alittle fluid on his lungs she said maybe allergies blood work showed only a 900 white count above normal couldn’t find anything wrong. if i would walk away he would grunt until i came back with no answers i didn’t know what to do i told her i didn’t want to make him suffer but i didn’t want to put him to sleep if he could pull through she said she would give him cortizone antibiotics and valium and that they could put him in a cage for monitering i said unless i was going in it with him i could not do that to him.they always respected that my baby boy hated to be away from me they would even come to the car to give him his adicuin shot if there was not a room just so he wouldn’t have to go to the back without me she told me that after he had enough fluids we could go home and take our meds and that it would be ok to give it 48to72hrs to see if it helped at home we lay on the sofa a couple of times he lifted his head and looked around i thought maybe just maybe it was working i kept begging him not to leave me then i remembered he understood more than the average bear so i pulled myself together and told him i would be ok if he needed to go i understood and that i loved him 20 min later i thought he was falling asleep his breathing sounded like when i listen to him sleep and his eyes closed a little for the first time since it happend i thougt he would wake up feeling a little better i was petting his lil head whem his body started to spazem thank god i never stopped petting him. i too carry his ashes and all of his pictures and his blanket and harness with me i talk tohim all day and all night. i love people but people were just xtra he was everything. iwhen i have the money i will be turning his ashes into a diamond to wear on my ring finger for the rest of my life. the ashes that lifegem does not need i carry in my grampas last copenhagen can in my pocket. i always told kyena iwished i could put him in my pocket and take him everywhere now i wish i couldn’ love to you kyena,mom



    This weekend has been absolutely the worst weekend of our lives. We had a pool party for our little girls soccer team, and as always our little cleo (Cavalier King Charles) was waiting for us to take her outside. She was put away in my bathroom area as always with nothing she could get into. She came running down the stairs, played around the pool, drank a lot of pool water, as she always had. But something was different. About 1/2 hour later she began to throw up, and do her normal reverse sneezing. I went out to calm her down, and then she just walked around like she just didnt feel so good. I walked in for something and noticed she threw up again. A little worried, I went out to check on her, and people at our party were telling me she didnt look well, but she just laid by our feet under the table as she did so many times. She began to shiver, but she always shivered so I went in for a towel just to dry her off for a bit, and she had this sudden burst of energy. I thought she wanted me to put her down she was okay, but to my dismay she was having a seizer. I picked her up and ran, I drove as fast as I could to the nearest vet. They were closed, but then I saw the most horrible thing, blood came out of her mouth and nose! I knew it right then, she died. My baby cleo died. I drove to 3 vets, all were closed until I found and emergency clinic still open. They pronounced her dead on arrival. I watched my puppy die, she was only 10 months old. Why? What happened? Could she have swallowed her throw up in the reverse sneezing? did she get poisond by the pool water? I don’t understand. My son clung to the vet table, and yelled "Cleo, please dont forget me!" It was so traumatic. It happened probably in less than an hour, and I watched her die. I watched her die. Cleo, we will always have a special place in our heart just for you, you were more than a pet, you were a part of our family. Rest in peace our baby cleo.



    hi i’m very sorry about your baby. are you and your family ok?my boy kyena died 3wks ago today and this site is one of the things that is keeping me sane.he went swimming the day he died so we called the chlorine company they said that if there was enough chlorine to kill a dog it would have caused a burning rash on our skin first and the ph balance would have been way off.are you going to have an autopsy done?i’m sorry for your son. kyena’s mom



    my buster died this weekend as well… i didn’t get a chance to see him.. because we just got back from a vacation. we putted him in a kennel on wednesday and was suppose to pick him up today as theyw ere closed on the weekend. but he passed away saturday night.. your not alone.. i feel so sad so sad i never felt this sad before.. and i would do anythign right now just to hold buster once more..



    I have just today experienced the same loss of my dog Mia. She was a Jack Russell Terrier. I no real answers from the vet other than from all indications she was healthy. I came home from work today with some workers to help me around the house only to have them come to the door and let me know my little baby was dead in the back yard. I have no idea what happened she was fine when I left this morning and 2 hours later shes gone. She was only 6 years old and 11 lbs, very active. I had the vet do a necropsy which from all indications showed a healthy dog. her stomach contents showed no indication of trauma, and here external body showed no trauma, bites swelling. If anyone has any knowledge of this happenning and why it happens please inform. I wish all of you a heartfelt sorry for your loss, I now am just in shock and reality has not yet set in. I will say a prayer for all of you. I love and miss you Mia, Rest in piece baby girl.


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    :'( I to lost my little Papillon, Cassie Sue on September 10, and i can’t stop crying every single day. she was almost 10 and when me, her and her litter mate sister went to sleep she was fine and we all said good night and snuggled and i woke up in the morning and didn’t see her and i called for her and then thought she went out side thru the dog door to go potty and opened the door and couldn’t see her and then i started to scream be cause i knew something was wrong. i went to the other side of the bed and she was laying on the floor with her little head on a pillow my mother had made before she passed away. and she was so still and looked so peaceful but she must have died hours before because i couldn’t even close her eye. i just wrapped her up in a blanket and rocked her and cried and cried and screamed and screamed. i didn’t know what to do and being alone was worse. i waited for the vet office opened and took her in. my friend from work called them and told them i was coming in with her to be cremated because i couldn’t talk when i handed her over i thought i was going to die, my stomach hurt so bad and longed for her to give me one last hug-a-bug. when ever i said hug-a-bug when i held her she would lay, sometimes just flop her little head on my shoulder and snuggle up to me. the vet’s office never has aked me what happened. she had been having seizures for almost a year but i had them under control for a long time. i don’t think she had one that night because her fur under her chin was not wet. she was the most loving and loyal dog i have ever had. She was everything to me, followed me everywhere. her sissy misses her to. they never played with any toys or any other dog, just each other. she has nothing to do any more. i take her every where i can but to work. she is not a snuggler. she loves to be held but not close and doesn’t like to be by your face unless she can lick it. she is my most lickingest dog ever. we both ache for cassie sue, aka: my little angel pie, casserole, and cleopatra, we loved her more than anything. i too talk to her all the time just incase she is around in spirit. her ashes sit in my living room in a pretty box with a rose i was given at the time, lies on top. she will be buried with me when i go.. her sissy Soxie Sue with be put in the same box so they can be together forever when its time and then rest with me. my familyknows this. how long does one ache for them? i loved so very much. i understand how you all feel and am very sorry for all of you.



    left our beautiful seemingly healthy 5 yr old golden retriever in the care of our neighbors for the night. they let her out several times,perfectly normal, they put her in at 9 pm.Came back in the morning unable to find her. she appeared to be sleeping in her regular spot by washer but was un responsive and cold. I don’t understand what happened to our beautiful baby girl

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