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All dogs need to exercise regularly just like humans however, strollers do serve a great purpose.
They come in many different sizes, colors and styles. Some are for everyday walking; some are for jogging or rough terrains.
*These items are perfect for puppies. As I’ve learned from experience when a puppy is done walking, they are done! Instead of having to carry them back home or cut your own exercise short, you can easily put them in a Pet Stroller and continue to your destination. Who knows, your puppy may even fall asleep, just like a baby.
*Older or injured dogs that can’t walk much but enjoys the outdoors
*Smaller dogs who get tired quickly
*Since cats don’t care for a walking leash…unless you have one that does (please share with us if you do) you can choose a stroller that has a protected cover so they don’t jump out.
*Use a Pet Stroller to help make your trips to the Vet a little easier, take them shopping, outdoor events or to the park.
We offer 3 in 1 strollers which can be used as a carrier and a car seat, some are also airline approved. Selected ones include a parent tray which is an area for your drink and keys. A basket area for larger items may be available as well.
When reviewing the Strollers features you’ll notice each product will have a capacity limit. Keep in mind not only do you want your pet to fit but you want them comfortable as well. Select a stroller size that will give them enough wiggle room.
Dog Stroller Shop
Dog Stroller Shop
Dog Stroller Shop