Iceberg lettuce

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April 17th, 2009 16:01
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I know iceberg lettuce is bad for my guinea pigs. I have a friend who feeds that kind of lettuce to her piggies and I have tried to tell her that it is suppose to be bad for them but she won't believe me. I think she won't believe me because she has owned many guinea pigs for many years and i have only had two for a couple of months.
I know she only wants to do what best for her guinea pigs so i'm sure if i knew WHY iceberg lettuce is bad she would believe me.
Please don't think badly of my friend, she loves her animals very much and we all know how hard it is to learn that something you have been doing for years turns out to be bad for your pets.
PS. if anyone knows how much water the adverage guinea pig consumes a day it would help me a lot.
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April 17th, 2009 16:50
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I have often wondered why lettuce is so bad for animals, rabbits and guinea pigs in particular. I often thought that it was down to some of the toxins in it, however I have never been able to find any solid evidence.
I have searched again after reading your question and have found the following site to be of some help and would tend to agree with what it is saying, however please keep in mind it may not be correct.
A simple overview of what it says:
There are no toxins in lettuce

Main problems are
Been served cold
Been served wet
Eating too much
No nutritonal content
Too much water content
The site advises if you wish to feed it to feed it in small quantaties as treats to prevent over eating of it, resulting in problems assosiated with such a water based food.
As for your question on drinking water, this will vary greatly with the amount of veg provided mainly but also temperature, activity and many other factors. Personaly I have found that if I provide plenty of fresh veg and grass they barly drink any, but on a diet of mainly pellets and hay they drink lots and lots!
Hope this helps

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