Undigested food in feces

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Dec 14th, 2012 11:41
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I have been feeding my dog home cooked food and following recipes from Dr Pitcairn's Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. I have noticed lately some of the food ie..carrots and brown rice are undigested in his feces. Is this a problem??
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Dec 14th, 2012 14:43
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If your dog is crapping out whole food that can mean that he is wolfing it down too fast.
Watch him and if it looks like he is scarfing it too quickly, then you have a couple of options to try to slow him down.
You could put a ball in his bowl. This will force him to slow down as he will have to eat around the ball.
You could also try feeding him his meal in small increments.
Place a bit in his bowl. Let him consume it. Then place another bit in his bowl. Repeat until he has eaten his meal.
The problem with a dog wolfing its food is that if it is coming out of his butthole undigested then he is not getting enough nutrition out of it.
This is one of the things that gives rise to poop eating. The dog is coming up short on nutrients so he eats the poop, essentially re-eating the same meal so he can close the gap.
Also dogs who eat too fast tend to gulp down a lot of air, which can cause excessive farting.
Dog farts, as you well know, are pretty smelly affairs so the less your dog farts, the happier your house is.
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