Calories in rawhide chews

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Jan 7th, 2009 21:06
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How many calories (on average) do rawhide dog chews contain? My vet wants me to cut back on my dog's intake of food but I would hate to have to take away her rawhide chews as well. She really loves them.
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Jan 15th, 2009 17:05
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The chews aren't a big source of calories, so don't worry about them.
If your dog needs to go on a diet, you can, for a start, switch to a "light" dog food.
I have a 38-lb dog - He's Jack Russell terrier & American foxhound - who's a bit overweight. He's fed twice a day & for each meal gets about a half-cup of light/diet dry food & one-third of a can of good canned dog food (the kind with slices in gravy, as he won't eat loaf dog food).
A good rule of thumb is to cut the food by about a third while the dog is on the diet. And feed him twice a day, morning & evening.
And give vitamins. Pet-Tabs are reasonably priced & can be bought at the pet stores.
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