HELP-- new puppy won't use the bathroom at all

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Dec 16th, 2007 17:49
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We just adopted a 6-month old corgi mix from a shelter yesterday. She is very shy and submissive and has not used the bathroom once since we got her (except some scared peeing a few times.) She's been eating regularily and drinking regularily, but she will NOT pee or poo, neither outside, on a pad, or even anywhere in the house. When taken outside she cries to be picked up off the grass. She hasn't even shown signs of needing to go, but she's a puppy with a full tummy and a full bladder! That's not normal. I also tried leaving her in the bathroom with her bed and a puppy pad, but no luck. I had no problem with my other puppy housebreaking, but he is extremely dominant and pushy, so maybe I'm just handing a scared pup wrong?
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Dec 17th, 2007 11:48
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I would try when you take your puppy outside to praise your puppy for even being in the grass and i mean make a huge deal out of it! walk around with your puppy and every few feet praise again. you might have to stay outside for a little while with her. but because you just got her yesterday she needs time to adjust to you and her new surroundings. possibly a week or more. but if you just work with her and praise her she will be ok. when i first got my puppy at 12 weeks she didn't use the bathroom for almost 2 days. than she was ok. please keep us informed as to how it goes and i hope this helps!
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