Biting without warning.

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Feb 18th, 2010 09:14
New Jersey
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Our house consists of four people including myself and our four year old shih tzu. He's trained but quite grumpy. I've dealt with grumpy dogs before but I've always ever heard them growl when they don't want to be approached. Our shih tzu doesn't always prefer to growl and will sometimes bite without warning. His biting doesn't always happen when he seems to feel cornered. Today he bit me as I was putting the leash on him to go for a walk. As a habit, we always tell the dog that we're going to take him for a walk because we don't want to just grab his collar and put the leash on. He seemed responsive and ran to the door, tugging at the leash hanging from it. When I told him to sit, he sat. I had the leash in my hand, showing it to him. When I grabbed his collar, he immediately bit me. Except for the biting, this is our daily morning routine. Why does our dog bite like that? We praise him when he does good and give a good hefty 'NO' when he's not good. What are we missing?
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