Extreme puppy biting

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Jan 15th, 2009 19:15
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I have a 10 week old lab puppy who does not stop biting, and I really mean biting she does not just nip. We have tried ignoring her and looking up instead of looking at her when she does this but it hurts way too much. We read a few days ago that we can also hold her mouth shut for a few seconds but this only makes it worst, the second we let go she starts biting again with more intensity.
What else can we try?
Giving her a chew toy doesn't work, if we start moving again she jumps back on are feet.
Other than that problem she is wonderful, she learns quickly and is very loving.
thanks for all your help,
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Jan 16th, 2009 11:46
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I think this puppy may be a candidate for a formal training class. Go to your local pet superstore & sign up yourself & your dog for instruction. There are techniques we on the board don't know about that obedience trainers do.
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Jan 17th, 2009 00:55
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woah woah woah, thats all wrong, ignoring wont help, avoiding eye contact enables her, lets her know shes winning. thats so going to make it worse. try this instead.
when she bites, Yelp really loud! like a litter mate would have. also try taking 2 fingers and jabing her in the neck right above where her collar would rest if its not too tight. or right on her hip. thats where the mother would nip when her pup bites. dont jab so hard that your fingers hurt when you make contact. thats the same as hurting her. you just want to give her a firm "nip" back. gotta let her know that its absolutly not acceptable.
how old was she when you adopted her. was she under 8 weeks old? if so you most likely got her from a newbe breeder. puppies need at least 8 weeks with their moms and litter mates to learn whats acceptable.
for example: puppy bites a sibling, sibling yelps in pain. the puppy learns that biting hurts.
example 2: puppy bites mom. mom nips back and the puppy learns not to bite the hand that feeds.
the best time for adoption is 8-10 weeks old.
how is the leadership in the house hold?
does the puppy eat after you?
does the puppy lead you on walks? or do you lead her?
hows potty training going?
does she beg for attention?
if so msg me back, i have training methods for all of them that never involve yelling, hitting, or harsh punishments and all of the methods work.
i have trained 11 dogs and 3 of my own. iv also trained a wolf/husky hybrid puppy which was more than most people can handle. id be more than willing to help you with your puppy problems. its fun for me ^___^
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