Will fumigating/spraying for bugs harm my cat?

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May 30th, 2007 13:50
New York
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Like pretty much everyone else living in the Middle East, I have a big cockroach/Palmetto bug problem in my apartment. Getting rid of the cockroaches themselves is not so easy-- it's summer now so they're out and the buildings are old, so they can easily hide. In addition-- and this is a big one-- they fly in through the windows. However, if I was to fumigate or spray for the bugs, would that hurt my cat? Are there products that are pet friendly? If I use spray in moderation, will she be OK? Any advice much appreciated.
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May 30th, 2007 21:28
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absolutely it will harm her. She will inhale all that stuff & it will be an irritant to her lungs. What about the stuff you set out for them to eat? You can hide it inside at the back of closets & cabinets that you are postive she cannot get into. How about roach traps/motels?
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