tabby cat breed

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Aug 1st, 2010 13:41
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all cats have a breed right well is a tabby cat a "breed" or are they called something entirely different
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Aug 5th, 2010 17:09
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A tabby (striped cat) can be both a breed or a color-pattern.
There are several breeds of cats that only come in tabby coloring. Some aren't even obviously striped: Abyssinians & Somalis are actually tabby cats, it's just that each hair is individually striped. When you cross an Abby or Somali with any other cat, the kittens often come out obviously striped.
Egyptian Maus are almost always striped (there are fully black Maus).
Some other striped breeds are American Curl, Maine Coons, Manx, Norwegian Forest Cat, and Ragdolls.
The common alley cat is frequently striped.
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