What is a Black Cat's Breed?

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Nov 14th, 2009 22:02
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Every cat has a breed name. What is the actual breed name for a typical black cat. Or is the name actually just called "black cat"? I was curious as my friend has 3 in his home and I do not know what to exactly call them.
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Nov 16th, 2009 17:05
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Black cats are a peculiar class of cats. There's been some genetic research into them, & it's been found that ALL black cats are part Siamese - it shows up in the DNA. Nobody knows why, but the black color is actually tied to Siamese cats genetically.
Some black cats come out with a large, prominent nose - this is a legacy from the line of Siamese that are long, skinny to a point of ridiculousness, with a large triangular head & huge nose & absolutely huge ears that dominates the cat (called "traditional"). The other line of Siamese is known as "apple-headed". These are the Siamese cats that were most common until the mid-1960s & were far more normal in proportions. If you remember the old Disney shows with the Siamese cat in it, this was an apple-headed Siamese. (PICTURE 1). The exaggerated shape was pretty much imposed on that breed.
Black cats' bodies range from the long skinny, triangular-headed rangy types to the packed solid round-headed, round-faced bodies - with every kind of nose.
What's referred to as an "alley cat" is technically called the "Domesticated Shorthair". The colors & patterns range all over the map, including black.
Some of the Domesticated Shorthair colors are actually considered a sort of breed (Example: Calico (big patches) & tortoiseshell (little pieces of color all crowded together) cats are considered a sort of breed on their own. One kind of Tortie I found in an actual breed book: black body color w/tortie bits scattered thru the coat with (usually) a facial design & has, I swear, eyebrows! (SEE LINK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tortie-flame.jpg)
I owned one of these. (Fun fact: 80% of calico & tortie cats are female.)
Now, as to black cats. If a black cat has any white markings on it: Paws, legs, chest, tummy &/or a facial design: This black cat is a Tuxedo Cat. The white can be as little as a spot on the chest or as much as the entire underside of the cat. The cat's body - beyond the underside & tail - is all black. (Spotted black-&-wh cats that look like cows are just spotted blk-&-wh cats.)
There's also a line of black cats that I believe evolved in Ancient Egypt in the pharoah days. These cats are totally or virtually all black - they may have a few white hairs on their chest - & have distinctive faces, with strong noses, a packed body (they're not skinny), ears not oversized, round eyes. (PICTURE 2, Tuxedo cats. Rt-hand cat has Egyptian-style prominent nose) (PICTURE 3: BASTET SCULPTURE, Anc. Egyptian cat goddess.) I have one of them now. They look like they've stepped down off a tomb painting & walked into your living room. The white hairs on the chest also allow them to be classified as Tuxedo Cats.
Tuxedo & black cats seem to be universally smart. I've never met a stupid one - not even an average-intelligence black cat. They're always a step ahead of you. Tuxedo cats are also very dog-like in their devotion to their people - I think that's the Siamese in them.
So a black cat can be called "Black Domestic Shorthair", Tuxedo cat, or Throwback-to-the-Ancient-Egyptians.
Probably more than you wanted to know...But I'm fond of black cats. They're good luck. I always have one in the house.
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Jan 17th, 2010 12:36
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Maybe it's a bombay cat. Here are some features of them.
COAT PATTERN/TYPE= solid color; close lying fur.
EYE COLOR= gold or copper.
It may not be a pure bombay though. It could also be a Black Smoke Devon Rex. Or a European shorthair. They all are black or somewhat black. Yours could also be a mix.
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