Can cats take Papaya Enzymes?

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Jan 16th, 2009 05:11
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Hello, My cat, Kimekins nearly died four years ago from Hepatic Lipidosis. She was in Kitty hospital off and on four about 5 months, being force fed with an IV. We finally taught her to eat again which I was told that if she didn't, she would die. The Doctor said that it was that she had stopped eating in the first place that had caused her liver to turn to fatty tissue. She had 15% liver function when she was diagnosed. She was upset about my adding a new cat to When she does that, I give her Ark Naturals Gentle Digest. What I was wondering is this. Are cat allergic to Papaya Enzme? I take it when I have digesting difficulties. Can I give it to her? It tastes great and I think that she might like it better. Bianca & Kimekins
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Jan 16th, 2009 10:37
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I've done some research There're several enzyme products out there for cats. Some contain Papain, the active ingredient in Papaya extract, so it's obviously safe for cats.
According to the Ark Naturals website, their product is only for occasional use, not regular use. It's also made up of live sports of Lacitc Acid Bacillus, wi/Chicory (for calming indigestion). This is very different from the plant enzymes.
I found several other enzyme products on the OnlyNaturalPet website (I've shopped there myself): Prozyme, Clover OptaGest Digestive Aid, & Pet Naturals Digestive Support for Cats and Dogs. These are pet enzymes that have the pet dosage directions on the bottle. Biozyme, also on their website, is a human-quality enzyme also good for pets, but the bottle only has directions for humans. Go to the OnlyNaturalPet website entry for the product - they have the dosages for pets online.
All of these can be given every day.
However, before you change enzymes from the Ark Naturals, contact your vet & check. You don't need to take the cat in, just call the office & have the staff pass the question on to be answered later, & the vet will probably have someone call you. My vets have never charged me for answering a question abt an ongoing medical problem.
But better than calling, you should fax the question to them in a letter. I do this all the time; it works very well, giving a physical letter for the vet to read & respond to.
Address it to your cat's regular vet, if there's more than one in the office. Include your name, address, home phone/hrs avail. there, daytime or cellphone number w/hrs to call, pet's name, medical condition you're asking about & your question. Ask them to telephone you w/the answer. If they can't answer that day, they'll research it & call you in a day or 2.
Did the vet recommend the Ark Naturals Gentle Digest, or just tell you to buy a digestive enzyme? I ask bec. (as I said) the Ark Naturals is made of live Lactic Acid Bacillus spores. Papaya enzymes are different & the various cat enzymes are made up of lot of other stuff. It's possible the live bacillus is a better treatment for Kimekins' particular condition.
Include this question in your fax:............(You may copy this question out for your letter if you like; just remember to describe Kimekins' condition & her reactions in the section between the brackets).
"I am giving my cat Ark Naturals Gentle Digest as an enzyme supplement. Ark Naturals is composed of live spores of Lactic Acid Bacillus. Does Kimekins' condition [...describe the medical condition & how she gets upset sometimes & doesn't eat & the information about her liver problem...] require a live spore digestive, or would another enzyme product, for daily use, such as Prozyme, Clover OptaGest Digestive Aid, Pet Naturals Digestive Support for Cats and Dogs, or Bio Zyme be equally effective or better at treating her condition? And can I give her the papaya extract I use myself, and if so, what dosage?"
You may also want to get a cat tranquilizer like Feliway, Animals Apawthecary, or one of the other cat calming products, to use when stressful situations happen. It may prevent her from getting so upset that she stops eating.
At least you don't have to solve this in 2 days, so you can look into the matter.
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Dec 2nd, 2012 13:54
New York
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My cat has IBD he lost alot of weight so we put him on Slippery elm, Licorice Root and Marshmallow herbs ground up and put into a #2 size Bovine flavored capsule. so far he has gained back 3 1/4 lbs back, but its a limited usage 2-3 weeks i'm hoping like humans cats can use papaya extract before every meal for digestion and absorption. My wife works for a cat only hospital in Vermont so ill get more info and let you know the results.
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