Is it ok for cats to eat licorice?

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Jan 1st, 2009 23:52
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I have two cats (they are litter mates). Both of them are the pickiest eaters I have ever seen. They turn up their noses at all meat, fish, cat treats, canned food, pouch food. They will only eat one flavor of one brand of Purina dry cat food. I have offered them everything I can think of including every flavor of tiny canned food and every type of meat that we have eaten ourselves and they just try to cover it up like it was something in the cat box and walk away. I have tried on several occasions to get them to eat other food but they will go days without eating before they will eat anything else and eventually I give in.
Until of my cats has decided that she likes Licorice. My son and I were eating some Good N Plenty and she almost climbed into our mouths trying to get to it. I gave her a tiny little piece to see if it was just the smell or if she would really eat it and she acted like it was cat nip and then ate it.
I am happy to find something that is a "treat" for her so that I can teach her to come when she is called. (She sometimes hides in the house and we can't find her)....but I'm worried that the licorice is dangerous for her to eat so I am hoping that you can offer some advice.
Thanks so much,
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Jan 13th, 2009 16:26
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In all the lists I've seen, liquorice candy hasn't shown up.
Just don't overdue it.
About the eating problem: Does your cat like: any kind of gravy, cheese of any kind, any people food of that kind? If so, you could try lacing her food with these foods to encourage her to eat something else.
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