Injured cat and birth

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July 28th, 2011 04:17
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Hello.. I am the owner of a very pregnant cat. I have read alot about cat birth, etc., and have read about all the signs. I am nervouse, however, that I will not be there when my cat gives birth. She was injured awhile back, and I am not sure she will even be able to give birth due the injury. Are there other signs to look for besides restlessness and nesting? She has been extremely lovey towards me and also has dry nipples. I can also feel the babies move. I am also approximating the mating to of happened the last week of May. Any help would be appreciated.. I really want to make sure she and he kitten are healthy. Thanks!
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Aug 3rd, 2011 05:54
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You failed to specify what her injury is but unless it's to her vagina she should have no problem popping out the kittens.
She will give birth when she gives birth. Cats do not need human intervention to crank out kittens so if she delivers while you are at work this is no cause for alarm and in fact she may want to be alone for this and try to wait until you are gone to lay down and start spewing them out.
Good luck.
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