Is my cat a Bombay?

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Aug 10th, 2009 20:19
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1.) Why are Bombays not on your cat breed list?
2.) If my cat has two white spots; is she still a
Bombay even if she fits the breed discription
in every other a way?
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Aug 18th, 2009 17:06
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I gather from descriptions of the breed that Bombay cats do not have spots at all. What you may have is a half-Bombay cat that most closely resembles the pure breed, except some spots crept in from the non-Bombay parent.
I had a half-Abyssinian that was built like an Aby (long legs, big ears, pointed nose, hiked-up rear end), but with a little more muscle, & had an Aby mind & an Aby voice - but was gray tiger-striped, because he had a non-Aby parent.
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