Standardbred horses Breed Profile

Breed Uses
Competition : ✕
Dressage: ✕
Driving: ✕
Endurance: ✓
Jumping: ✕
Racing: ✓
Ranch: ✕
Riding: ✓
Rodeo: ✕
Showing: ✕
Trail: ✕
Working: ✕


Standardbred horses Fact File
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2 thoughts on “Standardbred

  • Jan 1, 2008 at 12:00

    AWESOME horses! I have one (I also have an Appy mare), a gelding…barn name Ben. He is THE best trail horse I have ever seen – calm, steady, as bombproof asthey come. One of the best kept secrets of the equine world, STB’s are adaptable and easy to train. I hope more people give these incredible horses a chance!

  • Nov 20, 2008 at 12:00

    I adopted a former STB pacer. 6y/o mare -barn name is Roxy, awesome horse. Everything that is said about the personality and then some. She is so sweet, great ground manners and completely spook proof since they have been around everything from racing. Very willing and easy to train. Took to trail riding like a pro. First ride out was 3hrs without a hitch! I recommend this breed to anyone who wants a sweet and willing animal to work with and be companions with.


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