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Feather Plucking and Picking in Caged Birds

One of the most frustrating conditions of caged birds is feather picking and feather disorders rank as some of the most difficult and challenging conditions to diagnose and treat. However, feather problems are usually detected early because they are easily noticed. Many bird owners find the act of feather plucking very disconcerting, but to stop the behavior the important thing is to understand what motivates the bird to do this.

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FAQ: Keeping Cage Birds Happy & Healthy

Pet birds require the same level of care as any other pet, if not more. Here are some frequently asked questions to consider before purchasing a caged bird.

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FAQ: Keeping Zebra Finches Happy & Healthy

The Zebra Finch is a small grass finch from Australia, where they can be found throughout the country. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you keep your zebra finches in the best of health.

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Indoor or Outdoor Cats?

This argument has been raging for years: should cats live indoors or be allowed outdoors? There are many reasons why people allow there cats to go outside: the cats get more exercise, they do not scratch as much inside, cats like to hunt, cats do better, cats hate being inside. But there are many valid reasons for cats to live indoor exclusively and never step foot outside. Talk to five people and you may get five different answers as to the best life for cats. Let’s look at each – starting with outdoor cats.

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