What Are Fattening Foods For Hamsters?

What are fattening foods for hamsters other than sunflower seeds and peanuts?

If your hamster enjoys a balanced nutritional and quality hamster diet from your local pet shop then these are the most fattening ingredients. Like all animals, hamsters in fact need a little fat in their diet. Fat is an essential part of the body’s metabolism and helps form molecules such as hormones. Sunflower seeds and peanuts should certainly be fed in moderation but they also provide essential nutrition. A good quality hamster mix should include a blend of vegetables, nuts, sunflower seeds and wholesome grains.

While green vegetables such as lettuce and sprouts are welcome, they should be given sparingly because of the high moisture content. I would recommend also giving a little apple and carrot once a week as a treat. Most other household foods which have a high fat content are not good for your hamster – mostly because of high additive and salt levels.