Is The Bedroom A Good Location For A Hamster?

My sister and I are getting a hamster and a mouse. My mom wont allow us to have the cage in our bedrooms. She wants us to keep it in the laundry room where there is no light and no fresh air and very crowded! Is it a good idea if we can keep it in our bedrooms?

Firstly, please don’t even think about keeping these animals in the same cage – it simply can’t be done. Secondly, make sure that you and your sister are aware of how much responsibility you are taking on. You will need to attend to your pets even when you are too tired or have things you would rather do. And since your mother does not seem all that keen, you both must demonstrate to her that you are prepared to make the effort to keep your pets happy and healthy.

It is not a good idea to keep them in a room where there is no light and no fresh air, so if this is the only option you should not be buying them. They are only suitable for your bedroom if they are well-maintained – which means cleaning them out frequently and preventing them from smelling. In this case you should consider getting a pair of gerbils instead. They urinate much less and so do not smell and need cleaned much less often. If your sister and you shared a cage with a pair of gerbils then you could share the maintenance.