What is Laser Cat Declawing?

What is Laser Cat Declawing?

Laser Cat Declawing

Declawing your cat can be a big benefit for you as a pet owner. You will no longer have to worry about your cat scratching you or anyone else.  You also do not have to concern yourself with your cat damaging your furniture with its claws.  One of the newest declawing methods is laser cat declawing.  This advanced technique is more pet-friendly and is not as painful as traditional declawing methods, and kitty will recuperate much sooner. 

Does Your Cat Have Nails?

A cat’s natural instinct is to scratch, and your cat doesn’t make a distinction between your $3,000 sofa and other household items.  Scratching can become a big issue with your indoor cat and many pet owners choose to have their cats declawed, despite the controversy that surrounds the procedure.  Declawing removes the nail bed along with the third bone in the cat’s foot.  Thus, declawing is a more extensive action than simply cutting the nails or trimming the claws. In fact, the cat’s claw is not a nail at all. It is actually adjoined to the bone.  Declawing can be very painful, and it can cause abnormal changes in the cat’s behavior, gait, and posture. Many people view declawing as a barbaric procedure that is akin to mutilating the cat. If you must declaw, laser cat declawing is a better option, although the result is the same.  The difference between traditional declawing and laser declawing is mainly the equipment that is used. 

How Laser Cat Declawing Works

Laser declawing is a much more humane choice if you want to have your cat declawed.  The cat will be placed under general anesthesia during the procedure.  A laser will then be applied in order to disarticulate the phalange.  The result, ultimately, is to amputate the cat’s claw and the last knuckle from which the claw develops.  Laser declawing does not cause as much bleeding as traditional declawing.  There is also less pain for the cat with laser declawing.  After the bones are removed during the procedure, the laser beam is then used to seal off any injured blood vessels and nerves. 

Cost of Laser Cat Declawing

Laser cat declawing is an expensive procedure when compared to regular declawing methods.  Traditional declawing usually runs from $50 – $200.  Laser cat declawing can cost as much as $600.  The cost of the procedure varies from region to region and from veterinarian to veterinarian. 

Why Declaw? 

Declawing your cat is a good option for certain cats and certain pet owners. If your cat is scratching or exhibiting territorial behavior that makes your relationship with the cat less than ideal, then declawing might be a good idea for your cat.  An alternative is to discuss cat training options with your veterinarian and attempt to modify the cat’s behavior before resorting to declawing.  Most vets recommend declawing for kittens only and counsel against declawing an adult cat. 

Declawing is basically a procedure that is undertaken for the convenience of the pet owner.  If declawing is a must for your particular situation, then laser declawing is a more humane solution to the procedure that you should look into.