Bulldog Suffering From Acne-Like Symptoms

My bulldog has broken out with these bumps around his mouth and chin. They almost look like little blisters. They don't seem to hurt him but i'm still worried that he is allergic to something around the house.

The description of the bumps is not particularly clear, but it sounds like a fairly common ailment known as canine acne. In fact, your bulldog is one of the breeds that is most affected by this complaint (as well as Boxers and Great Danes). This condition most commonly begins to develop at around the age of 5 to 8 months (equivalent to adolescence in humans). Typically, the condition will resolve itself after about one year of age – and if chronic acne still persists veterinary care may be required. Keeping the skin around affected areas clean with mild anti-bacterial cleanses will help to control outbreaks and prevent infection. Anti-inflammatories are only generally required if your dog is scratching the affected area more than is healthy for the skin. I would still recommend that your dog sees a vet, who may decide to take a skin biopsy to be sure that acne is the cause. Other possible reasons for these symptoms include ringworm and demodecosis (a mite infestation).