Risks Of Recurring Conjunctivitis In Dogs

My one year retriever has had conjunctivitis a few times times in recent months. I have brought him to the vet three times and given him drops but it is not clearing it up. I hope this is not not doing any long term danger to him? What will the next step be?

When infected with Conjunctivitis, the eye will become red, inflamed, and swollen. Sometimes discharge will also occur and as the condition worsens it may also become crusty. In cases that are left untreated, the infection can spread to the other eye, and cause eye damage or even blindness. It can also spread to the respiratory tract, and other parts of the body. However, if the condition is promptly and effectively treated even though it is recurring, there is only a very low risk of permanent damage. Conjunctivitis is also contagious, so if you have other pets in the home they may also be at risk for developing conjunctivitis.