How Much Water Do Dogs Actually Require?

How much water a day should I be giving my 5 month old basset?

The simplest answer is as much as your dog wants. A dog should always have a supply of fresh water available, and if this is not possible then they should be supplied with fresh water at the very least 3 times a day. There are various calculations such as 50-60 ml of water per each kilogram of body weight or 3-4 times the mass of solid food intake with which to calculate your dog’s exact requirement. However your dog should be the one to regulate his intake as every dog is different and the amount required also depends on the type of food they eat, the amount of exercise they do and the temperature of their environment.

Also keep in mind that if your dogs seems to drink excessive quantities of water or very little, this might indicate a health problem, and only a thorough examination by your vet can clarify why any dog might be behaving this way.