Why Does My Shihtzu Drink Her Own Urine?

Why would my 5 month old shihtzu drink her urine? Is this normal? I have only seen her do it when she is in her crate at night.

At five months old your puppy should be able to stay the night in her crate without accidents (as long as you take her out half an hour after her last drink of the day). It is essential to clean up urine with a non ammonia based odor eliminating cleaner as if your puppy can smell the urine then it will encourage her to urinate in the same spot again.

The only common cause of urine drinking I have encountered is a result of urinary infections where the dog was dehydrated and therefore willing to drink anything to alleviate their thirst. It is also possible that she is trying to remove the evidence of her accident by lapping up the urine – although many would dispute this.