How To Resolve Constipation In Dogs

My dog is having a hard time pooping, what can I do or give him to help with this problem?

An unbalanced diet is the most common cause of constipation in dogs. Lack of fiber causes a build op of drying feces which becomes lodged in the intestines. The obvious cure is therefore increasing the fiber in the dogs diet (adding a teaspoon of bran or other high fiber food to the dogs standard meal is an easy option). It is also important to ensure a fresh supply of water is available. Most pet stores will stock a selection of mild natural laxatives which may produce results faster. There are however more serious causes of constipation, large portions of bone or ingested garbage can cause blockages in the intestines as can major worm infestation. If the constipation does not clear up within a day or two, or your dog shows signs of serious pain then you should take him to the vet or a thorough examination.