Companion Dog For Senior Disabled Man?

I am the primary caregiver and advocate for an 86 year old disabled man who just lost his pomeranian of 10 years. Could you please recommend the steps we could take to get him a new companion that would be suitable? And if he is limited to adoption (versus buying) - and not able to deal with a young puppy - what would you recommend?

Thank you for showing such understanding of the bond your friend had for his companion animal – he is lucky to have you as a carer. It would be ill-advised for him to take on the commitment of a puppy or any dog that is not already well-trained. This in itself would tend to make adoption the more likely option since not many well-behaved adult dogs are sold (as understandably most dogs sold by their owners are being sold as a last resort).

Can you imagine the companionship that your friend can reciprocate to a rescued older dog from a rescue shelter? Perhaps there is an older dog who has been rescued because their owner has recently died of old age – and these dogs are normally not a popular choice for adoption with families. I think this is a lovely chance for both your friend and his potential adoptee to share some much-needed companionship in their later years.

P.S. Most shelters need evidence that their animals are going to a suitable home – so you may need to help make it clear that you are partly responsible for the well-being of the animal being rescued.