How To Resolve Constipation In Puppies

I have a rottweiler that is 4 weeks old. I have had him for only 2 days and during this time he has been constipated. I have giving him some puppy milk that I got from the store and some fletchers' laxative for kids. These were the things that the breeder told me to give him and he's still having a hard time using the bathroom to the point where he is crying, what can I do about his situation?

Puppies in new homes are often very nervous and as a result don’t go to the toilet for a couple of days. As long as he is drinking and eating then I would give it another 24 hours. If he hasn’t gone by then take him to the vet to make sure there isn’t a blockage. Also make sure that you are feeding the puppy the exact some food at the same times as the breeder was and also try walking the puppy as well as just sitting outside with him for a couple of hours as different dogs are comfortable going in different places. As a side note, I would never recommend the use of medication intended for humans on your pets without specific instructions from your vet, regardless of recommendation from breeders or anyone else.