Has My Dog Got A Bladder Problem?

My dog is 10 years old and recently started to urinate anywhere - on the deck, in the house etc. When he clearly has been trained for many years. Could this be spiteful or a bladder problem? I notice he is drinking a lot more water too. What can I do about it?

Your dog is not being spiteful – in fact I am sure there is no such behavior in dogs, and it will damage your relationship with your dog should you think this for one moment. Since your dog has been trained for many years, have faith that your dog cannot help doing this and in fact is probably not very pleased with himself.

As dogs age, new behaviors are just as common as new ailments, and often in fact are as the result of ailments. As in humans, dogs can suffer both mental and physical problems in old age. For example, if your dog is suffering from early onset dementia he may in fact "forget" his training for short periods of time. Likewise, it is possible your dog is suffering from incontinence or even diabetes (which would explain the drinking too). You should have your vet give your dog a thorough physical in light of your dog’s new behavior.