Excessive Licking Of Rectum In Dogs

My cocker spaniel jasper (4) is constantly licking his rectum area. Should I be concerned that something is wrong?

Infections and problems of the anal gland are very common in dogs and it sounds like this is what your dog is suffering from. Impaction of the anal gland can occur when it fails to naturally empty because of soft stools or an overactive gland, and secretions become thick and pasty. While some dogs never need to have their anal sacs expressed in their entire lifetime, some dogs require frequent expression of these glands.

Symptoms that indicate that they should be expressed certainly include excessive licking of the area, as well as scooting the rear end on the ground or any other sign of discomfort in this region. Some people can tell when their dog’s glands require attention by the unusual smell, or by a difference in bowel movements. See the related article below for treatment information.