My Anole Has Stopped Eating

My 2 year old anole has stopped eating - have you any idea why?

Anoles, as with all other reptiles, will stop eating for a variety of reasons. It would be helpful in cases like this to know for how long the animal in question has gone without food, and if there are nay secondary symptoms. The most common reasons for a reptile to stop eating include: Wrong habitat temperature; Wrong food being given (e.g. wrong type of food or even insects are too large to catch); Stress (e.g. by habitat mates or size); Parasites or disease; and many more reasons. As you can see, it is almost impossible for me to know which of these is responsible. Make sure your reptile’s habitat, feed, lighting, temperature etc. is as recommended and if he is still not eating plan a visit to a vet who specializes in reptiles.