Help! My Dogs Are Destroying My House!

I have two puppies, miya, the akita/german shepard is 10 months old, oscar, the cute cuddly mutt is 7 months old. In the past several months, they have gotten extremely destructive at night. Running through the house, knocking over the garbage can and dragging the contents through the house, going to the bathroom all over, eating computer cds, pulling shoes out of the closet and eating those, plus many more destructive things. Miya has broken two puppy crates, 3 collars and 2 tie out chains. I'm at my wits end. I can't handle them anymore. It seems like I clean up there messes every morning, just to have to clean it up again. Please help me, I love my dogs, but I can't afford the time or the money to continue to let them destroy my house!

It seems that far from being man’s best friend, your dogs are currently ruining your life, and my sympathies are with you. It is time to get back to basics.

Your dogs need to know when it’s time to sleep, and that means having a safe place where they feel content to do so. Your dogs also need to know who’s boss. For starters, your dogs should not physically be able to move around your house at night. Secondly, they do not even have to be together at night. This might seem unfair, and will also be met with objections from your dogs, but it doesn’t have to last forever and will not cause any psychological damage. You need to assert your leadership on your pack and your dogs will respond with appropriate behavior. They are of the age that if you do not do this now, things will only get worse.

First of all, you need to teach them you are the leader, and this means obeying what is right and wrong. See below for some in-depth techniques for training your dogs. Alongside this training, you need to buy an indestructible crate for each of the dogs and they must learn how to use them. See below for techniques. The plan is that your dogs will sleep separately in their crates at night, removing this major problem from your life and at the same time improving your relationship with them.