My Dog Is Too Anxious When Nail Trimming

I am having a difficult time with my terrier in trimming his nails, he has always let the vet do it and I have bought all the proper tools , I am the one that always grooms him. But he is at the point now where the anxiety level is extreme, we have tried wrapping him in a towel, and standing him on a table like the vet does.. And no luck.. Please help

In any situation where the dog does not like a "procedure" (such as nail trimming, bathing etc), it is usually easy for them to learn from your behavior when this procedure is about to happen. This only compounds the problem, as does your inevitable anxiety surrounding the procedure, which your dog will detect.

You need to make your dog comfortable with you holding his paws and his nails again before you attempt to cut the nails. Whenever you are relaxing at home, for example watching TV, let your dog cuddle up to you and make a point of acting as if you are about to cut his nails. It will help if you position him in the way he would usually if you were about to cut his nails. The best way is usually in a relaxed posture on his side. Practice asking him to turn over so you can easily access the other paws, always praising him for calmness.

Unless he is unusually stressed by this, you should keep up this behavior until your dog is used to it. After 10 days or so, when is completely comfortable with your actions, attempt to cut just one of his nails, remembering to praise him well for maintaining his position and calm. When you are finished, pile on the praise and treats, positively reinforcing that it really is not so bad, and in fact worth the effort for him!