Why Does My Dog Snore And How Do I Stop It?

Recently, my 3 year old german shepard dog has starting snoring! I am concerned that maybe she has an allergy or maybe she is indoors too much?

Your pets’ snoring may be bothering you, but the chances are it probably isn’t bothering them at all. Snoring usually means that a slight obstruction is vibrating while your pet breathes in his sleep. This could be something as minor as a loose area of tissue in the throat. It may be noisy, but it is unlikely to be a serious problem.

However, if your pet’s snoring is consistently loud and lasts through the night, it may be interrupting his sleep pattern. If he seems unusually tired or grouchy during the day his snoring may be becoming a problem, and this may well be the result of allergies. In pets, as in people, being overweight can also cause snoring. Some breeds are also predisposed to snoring problems, such as the Pekingese.

You may like to try giving your dog a different bed in which he can try and sleep in a different position, perhaps exchange a long bed for a round one or vice versa. If you suspect that your dog suffers from allergies, try and figure out what the problem is and try to limit his exposure to it. Finally, if your pet is overweight, it is worth seeing if losing a few pounds will help reduce the problem – with the added bonus of an altogether happier, healthier dog!

However, as with all conditions, prolonged and severe symptoms may suggest an underlying health problem, and it is always worth visiting a vet for a checkup.