What Is A Suitable Dog Breed For Elderly People?

I'm thinking of getting a dog as a companion for my parents who are now retired, and in their early-to-mid sixties. What would be a good breed that doesn't need too much grooming or vigorous exercise? They live on a golf course, so there is plenty of opportunities for long scenic walks in the outdoors. Shedding would be a problem.

Your parents are obviously still fairly active, and this means that most small dogs, as apposed to toy dogs, can be included. I would discount most of the obvious choices of medium breeds, such as the Labrador, since these benefit greatly from a lot of exercise.

Most of the spaniels would require a lot of grooming, especially if they are going on lots of country walks, and I guess being near a golf course you also want a dog that can be trained and will generally be well behaved. My suggestions would include a wire-haired border terrier or a cairn terrier. You may find that terriers have a reputation for barking, but these two breeds you will find very reserved and amicable even with most other dogs. I hope this helps.