Are Chihuahuas A Friendly Breed?

I have heard that chihuahuas are not as friendly as other dogs, and don't listen to commands very well. Also I heard that they are temperamental dogs. I want to know if all of this is true because I am thinking about getting one.

As you say quite rightly in the use of the term ‘as other dogs’, whether a dog suits you or appeals to you is very much a subjective issue, and always ahs to be judged relative to other breeds. While I am quite sure that all Chihuahua owners out there love their dogs very much and would not change them for anything, my opinion is that there are not as friendly as other dogs. At least, we do not in general perceive them to be as friendly as other dogs.

This may be due to factors such as their tail not being able to wag as visibly as, say, Labradors’ tails, or them being slightly more nervous with strangers than say a border terrier. The list could go on, but I’m sure it could also for most other breeds. Also, you have to remember that the difference in mentality between species, particularly between large and small, can be very good, and it may be that Chihuahuas simply don’t understand commands well. If you like small dogs, I’m sure you will love one, but if you are specifically looking for obedience of commands and good behavior, maybe you should think about getting a slightly larger breed.