Helping A Dog Lose Weight

My 3-year old dachshund is very overweight; his tummy almost touches the ground. He eats skinless boiled chicken, a little alpo liver chunks, sometimes a doggy treat (beef hide chews, doggy bone, etc.) Tell me the best way to get him reduced before he has a heart attack!

An overweight dog can be subjected to unnecessary heath problems. He can no longer cope with the activities which are essential to him enjoying life. Severe strain can be put on hip joints causing lameness. Heart action may be compromised, breathing may be restricted and in bad cases the legs find it difficult to support the body. You are feeding him a high protein diet which is probably unnecessary for his activity levels.

You must change to a dry prescription diet. This will be unappetizing to him at first but you must persevere. Also, replace his normal treats with healthy tidbits. Carrots and apples are low-calorie snacks enjoyed by many dogs. Try cooking them if he does not enjoy them raw. Alternatively, give your dog some of his prescription diet at treat-times.