Why Do Some Dogs Eat Their Own Feces?

Why is my puppy eating his feces?

This is far from as unusual as many people think. The official name for this behavior is "Coprophagia", and it has its origins in the behavior of wild dogs many thousands of years ago, when dogs used to eat the feces of their offspring in order to keep their nest clean. Many nursing bitches still do this and this is perfectly normal. For a different reason, dogs may also seek out the stools of herbivorous animals such as cows and deer for the nutrients they contain. Many dogs who indulge in eating their own feces, also like to eat the stools of cats, a particularly disgusting behavior in many households.

The easiest way to prevent this behavior is supervision. When walking, pull him away from the offending article, and make sure you clean the yard before the gets to them. There are also commercial solutions that you add to your dog’s food to make his feces even less appetizing. This is often a successful solution. If the dog’s behavior continues despite your efforts, or seems compulsive in anyway, it may indicate an underlying behavioral or medical condition which you should discuss with your vet.