Why Is Dog Moving Bedding Around The House?

I am curious why all of a sudden, after 3 years, our dog has started dragging her bedding out of her crate and into other rooms of the house? She's a jack russell whose pretty mellow compared to most other jack's i've seen.

Moving bedding material around the house is normally a strong sign of what is termed a ‘phantom pregnancy’. Your dog does not have to have been mated or even in contact with a male to somehow believe she is pregnant, or at least adopt the behavior of a pregnant female – in some cases even producing milk. She will be trying to locate somewhere where she would like to keep her prospective puppies.

Scraping at the carpet with her claws around the bedding pile is another good indicator. This behavior will normally correct itself quite quickly, but if it does not, or there are any other signs of pregnancy; or if you think there is any possibility she could have been mated, please consider having her checked over by your vet to find out for definite.