Do Dogs In Kennels Miss Their Owners?

Do dog miss their owners when left in a kennel for a short stay?

Opinion is almost certainly divided on the topic, and every person reading this would probably say something different. But my personal opinion is that they don’t. I don’t think that dogs are capable of such advanced emotional thought. Don’t misunderstand me, I know dogs are entirely devoted to their family, and some might even say that they ‘love’ their family, but I think that dogs focus very much on the ‘here and now’. That is, there is usually a great deal going on and to see in kennels that your dog’s mind will be occupied fully.

Kennel workers often confuse spoiled dogs who seem depressed in kennels for them missing their owners, but this is probably because the situation is stressing them or they feel scared. Again, this is them focusing on their immediate situation. They may also get upset when specific things which happen at regular times (such as a treat time) don’t occur because they are in the kennels.