Dog Hates People But Loves Other Dogs

My 2 year old male weimaraner loves dogs but hates people. He growls at anyone who approaches us when walking. If my husband gets up in the middle of the night, wyatt jumps up in bed and steals his spot. Then when he comes back and attempts to move him he growls and snaps at him. Only I can move him. Help learn to correct my dogs people problem!!!!

This does not sound like your dog actually hates people. It sounds very much liek he is over protective of you and sees your husband as a threat to your affection. You must show him who is boss, and he must learn his place in the family unit. Most dogs enjoy having a real ‘master’ who is in control without using violence. When he misbehaves by being aggressive you must show him your dissatisfaction by having the will to shun his affection and banish him from the room. Hopefully in time he will learn that he must behave well to win your affection. However, if he is already an adult this may take a long time or be impossible. Good luck!