My Cat Has Excessive Thirst

Suddenly in the last few days my cat has begun to drink really excessively. She has never been one to drink a lot of water which is why I am so worried. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

You are right to be concerned when there is any sudden and excessive change in your pet’s behavior. Your cat needs to be examined by a vet as soon as possible, as possibly reasons for these symptoms could be anything from hyperactivity of the thyroid gland or kidney failure. One of the first things your vet will do is carry out a test to determine your cat’s urine’s specific gravity (the urine concentration). This will help your vet on their way to a diagnosis.

Your vet may ask you to measure your cat’s exact intake of water – so you could start this in advance by filling his empty water bottle with a known quantity of water and taking a note. Be prepared for your vet to want to carry out a range of tests and examinations.